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We Are a Full-Scale
Event Agency Specialized in Delivering Complete Large Scale Outdoor and Indoor Events.

What We Can Do For Our Clients

Project Management with Planning

Managing complete projects literally from A-Z:

  • arranging pre-event meetings and presentations
  • planning and preparing all project delivery elements within deadlines eg.: budgets, plans, schedules, requirement list, recruitment, masterplans, masterbooks, roasters, org charts, BOQs
  • complete venue take- and handover
  • finding the most suitable suppliers and subcontractors
  • creating post-event reports

Complete Event Delivery

Organizing all facilities, departments, personnel and managing all necessary event elements such as: venues, equipments, decorations, hospitality, catering, health & safety, entertainment, transportation, invitee list, special guests, promotional materials.

We are experienced event organizers, capable of managing operation elements like:
security, traffic and crowd control, ushers, security policies, regulations, rules, ingress and egress of event attendees, maintaining communication with local blue-light services.

Venue and Masterplan CAD Design

Producing high quality, great looking and technically accurate site masterplans for events of all sizes and types. Flexible and immediate changing of plans if needed due to circumstances not forseen.

Site Management

We have a great team of Site Managers with references and experience. Upon request we can provide professional CVs of our complete team.

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